Melodika Brown Sugar BSSC38

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Melodika Brown Sugar BSSC38

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Melodika Brown Sugar BSSC38 : Speaker Cable

  • Triple low capacitance, dielectric isolation made of LDPE (foamed low density polyethylene) providing the lossless signal transmission
  • Spiral Litz Technology: every guide separately insulated and twisted
  • Multi-Gauge Core Technology: A special cable construction, distinguishing several thickness of cores for low, medium and high frequencies
  • Geometry: two braids of guides twisted with each other to reduce their interference
  • Advanced construction (cable consists of two different thickness of wires)
  • 2 x 2 (12×0,21mm2  + 4×0,33mm2)
  • The transparent outer insulation
  • The cable is directional
  • Cable has ROHS 2 certification
  • High-quality Polish OFC copper with a purity of 99.9999%
  • High insulation resistance, cable can be laid under plaster or concrete without damaging the cable

The Brown Sugar series is manufactured with high-quality Polish OFC 6N copper with a high purity of 99.9999%. Since it guarantees durability and the highest quality of electrical parameters, it is used in the most cutting-edge audio cables.

Twisted cores
When a signal is transmitted through a cable, it is done using a current. Electromagnetic field which it produces, could interfere with the other cable signals. However, twisting the cables reduces this effect. Two braids of spirally twisted conductors eliminate self-interference effect. As a result, the current induced in one conductor has the opposite direction to that in the neighboring one and thus, the disturbances cancel one another.

Multi-Gauge Core Technology is the special cable construction which employs conductors of different thicknesses to bring out the best sound from low, medium and high tones. Due to the variable magnetic interactions of the current with itself, the higher the frequency of the signal, the more it tends to flow over the surface of the conductor. In result, increase in frequency causes decrease in utilization of conductor cross-section and consequently, an increase in cable impedance for high frequencies which, obviously, is not advantageous to sound quality. The signal begins to flow unevenly (also due to phase shifts) and there is a loss of quiet components, which in the listening experience is defined as lack of air or subtle information.

In Spiral Litz Technology each braid is made of separately insulated and twisted wires which enables them to act as separate conductors, not as one large conductor. The total voltage of power amplifier’s output flows in each of them. This type of solution prevents electrons from jumping from one strand to another and thus, eliminates the loss of the so-called subtle information. The most important benefit of this technology is the uniformity of the current distribution throughout the cable cross-section that increases the efficiency of current transmission. Skin-effect is reduced to minimum.

Furthermore, the conductors’ insulation contributes to prevention of copper oxidation. Transparent outer insulation of increased resistance also protects against mechanical damage, and, at the same time, does not conceal the actual structure of the cable.


Quality: Oxygen Free Copper: 99.9999% (6N)
Cable flexibility , cable refraction diameter: 75mm
Shape: Round
Directionality: Yes
Gauge: 2×3,8mm2
Construction: Twisted
Insulation: triple, transparent LDPE
Operating temperature: 0 – 70°C
:: wires resistance: 5,1 Ohm/km
Warranty: 5 years