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OM Origin

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OM Origin : Speaker


At the core of Origin lies a wide band paper cone driver. Those drivers are known for delivering rich and warm sound with stunning clarity. This hi-sensitivity broadband driver takes the experience to the next level, ensuring every note and tone is reproduced with breath-taking accuracy.

From the most delicate acoustic tracks to the most complex orchestral performances, Origin will handle every genre with ease & elegance.



Origin features an exclusive Double Bass Reflex design that delivers low and precise bass, without box sound, providing a superior listening experience. Both bass reflex holes are in front allowing placement close to a wall avoiding unwanted resonances.

For optimal installation and avoiding unwanted vibrations, Om Origin come with our standard golden spikes or 20 mm rubber feet. At the bottom of each speakers, you’ll encounter four M6 inserts giving you the option to plug your favourite spikes.


With its original design and genuine system, we ensure that the sound of the tweeter and woofer arrives at your ear at the same time. Highs and mids are totally in phase resulting in an improved stereo imaging and 3D depth. With its high directivity, the sound is focus on the auditor, not the walls.

Additionally, our system allows the speaker to produce incredibly open mid sounds without the usual boxy sound associated with traditional speakers. Hear every detail and immerse yourself in the music like never before.


We are dedicated to using only the best components in our products. We carefully select our partners to ensure that we work with only the most reputable manufacturers in Europe. In addition to working with top-notch manufacturers, we also place a strong emphasis on sourcing our materials locally when possible. All our audio drivers come from France while electronic components come from Denmark.