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PenAudio TALVI

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Penaudio TALVI :  Speaker

Talvi is a floorstanding 2,5-way model of the Snow Line series by Penaudio. “Talvi” means “Winter” in Finnish. It is a big sister for Lumi. It features a pair of Excel Specially for Penaudio woofers by SEAS, one of them is working strictly for bass under 200 Hz and another one delivers wider range up to 5500 Hz. These drivers have a CURV woven cone, reinforced low loss rubber surround, copper ring and metal bullet, Excel motor system. High frequencies are reproduced by the same SEAS Excel tweeter as in smaller sister. This is 25 mm soft dome driver with SONOMEX surround that helps linearity of diaphragm movement. Voice coil cooling provided with magnetic fluid.

Handcrafted crossovers contain premium-class elements, including polypropylene capacitors and coreless inductors: every detail is picked specifically and thoroughly to craft the true Hi-Fi acoustics. This circuits are connected to a pair of high quality Special High End terminal, gold plated copper, carbon shell.

This speaker has a small footprint and looks slim because of the narrow front panel but can provide a deep bass by the aid of the deep cabinet and rear-vented port. The enclosure has thoroughly made of thick MDF and multi-layered Finnish plywood that became distinctive view of the Penaudio speakers. It secures the hardness as well while internal resonances and reflections are controlled with a smart combination of the damping materials.

Talvi delivers a big scale sound with extreme 3D imaging, natural timbre and clean, fast bass response. It creates a wide sound image where you can easily spot every artist from their positions on soundstage. Talvi is designed to be placed in 20-60 m2 rooms. It is easy to position this speaker even close to room boundaries as it has really smoothly rolling off bass response.


Type2,5-way, reflex loaded, floorstander
Drive units25 mm soft dome tweeter with Sonomex surround (Seas Excel), ferrofluid cooled
2 x 145 mm CURV woven midrange/woofer (Seas)
Cross-over200, 5500 Hz
Frequency range
in room response
34 – 25000 Hz
Sensitivity88 dB/1 m/2,83 V
Nominal impedance4 Ohms
Recommended amplifier>30 W
Dimensions (WxHxD)166 x 1086 x 300 mm (without bottom plate)
166 x 1086 x 316 mm (with frame, without bottom plate)
Bottom plate size245 x 345 mm
Weight22,5 kg
SpecialitiesNew woofer by SEAS for Penaudio, CURV woven cone, reinforced low loss rubber surround, copper ring and metal bullet, Excel motor system, SEAS Excel tweeter with SONOMEX surround, Special High End terminal, gold plated copper, carbon shell, Penaudio classic plywood style cabinet, hand wired crossover, magnet grill


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