Supra Cable Y-Link

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Supra Cable Y-Link

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Supra Y-Link : Subwoofer Cable


Supra produce two cables for use with subwoofers:
Sub-Link is a single conductor cable, terminated with a single phono plug at both ends. This cable is specifically designed to carry low-level signals from an AV receiver or Processor directly to the single phono input on an active subwoofer.Y-Link is a twin conductor cable, designed to carry the single signal from the « sub-out » socket of a AV receiver or processor to the twin inputs of an active subwoofer.
Or the cable can be used in reverse, to « sum » the left and right subwoofer outputs of a receiver or processor, into the single input of a subwoofer.Both cables are available in a wide range of lengths from 2m up to 15m.


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